Wants List

This is sort of organized by main collections and pokemon/evo chain!
Asterisks (*) indicate level of priority.
I'll trade pretty much anything from my sales or non-main collections for high priority items

Numel/Camerupt (main)

Camerupt Coin *

Numel AG Stamper ***

Camerupt AG Stamper ***

Cute Numel Page

Numel vs Barboach card

Clear Camerupt kid *** thought i had one but can't find it

Also looking for all flats and official stickers, if you have anything Numel/Camerupt please hit me up, I'm happy to trade/buy!!

Groudon (main)

Charabottlin **

Groudon pokeball pillow

New pin set

card case

Coin (mip preferably)

Legendary cries charm

Groudon SP in any condition with or without box

Team Magma

Magma vs Aqua poster

Magma socks or belt buckle

Magma glass

Magma coin - this one or any other

Other Pokemon:


Dunsparce swing keychain (or any other Dunsparce keychain honestly)

buru buru plush




pencil topper

Heartland plush **GRAIL

suction cup figure

shiny kid

Pokeball pillow (any condition ok)


Goomy mug

Goomy blanket


quagsire kuttari (preferably awake)

elekid pokedoll