Sales - April 2017

sales permission granted by areica96 7/Aug/15


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Now onto the items! I have plenty of new stock this time around!
New stock at the top~

Pastel sheet 5$
Sticker sheet 1$
Bewear 1$
Mimikyu charm 5$
Rayquaza sparkle holo amada 3$
Moltres in protective sleeve 1$

Candy dispenser ft Mega Camerupt, Tyranitar and Glalie 7$
Cynthia magnet 10$
Poketime turtwig strap 8$
Bulbasaur helper figure 4$
Houndoom tomy 8$
Wooper pin (custom by me) 1$
Litten badge 10$
Sharpedo dex figure 4$

Banpresto skitty tto 10$
Pokedoll skitty, slightly aged and pilly 10$

Primal kyogre pencilboard 10$
Kyogre Banpresto mwt 15$

Primal kyogre handtowel 4$
Kyogre spirit link .50$
Kyogre tcg 1$
Kyogre button 2$
Tiny figure 3$
Keychain, regular kid, on waves fig: 2$ each
Primal kid (with box) 4$
Clear fig 5$
Bank: 10$
OR take ALL kyogre items for 50$

Rayquaza bracelet: 10$

Trozei stickersheet, square pack: 8$
Gale of Darkness packs: 10$ each
Lucario + Mystery of Mew 8$ each
Skitty hair ties 8$
Origami sheets 5$
Pokemon centre stickers: 8$

All sticker sheets: 5$ each
Skitty pin: 8$
Box of small stickers and paper sheets: 10$
Aaron and lucario large keychain: 15$

~ end of newest items ~

Umbreon pkmncentre plush, detached tag 15$
Team Galactic shirt one size 20$

Left sticker sheet 8$
Lucario and Mew sticker pack 15$
XD Gale of Darkness sticker pack 15$ (only 1 avail)
Pikachu and Dittochu notepad (sparkly in the light) 12$
Eeveelution pokedoll sticker 5$ each (jolteon not available)
sold: vaporeon sticker

this image is what the full towel looks like
Medium sized towel from the Sinnoh era 15$
features Bonsly, Mew, Pikachu, and Mime Jr

Sinnoh pokedoll charms (buneary not available)
Chimchar, Turtwig, Pachirisu, Croagunk: 8$ each
Palkia and Darkrai: 10$ each

Chimecho footprint figure 4$
Dancing mudkip pen mip 15$
Dialga gacha mip 5$

Lucario + Mystery of Mew playset with pearly Mew 15$
Chandelure sleepytime kuji keychain in box 12$
Lunala and Solgaleo keychains 5$ each
Oshawott, Lucario, Dedenne Xmas charms 2$ each
Team Aqua candy tin (incl candy) 6$ or trade for Magma one
Rayquazachu sleeping keychain 10$
Rayquaza pin mip 10$

Squishy grabby Charmander in Master ball 20$

Meowth as janitor/window washer (?) pen 10$
old pink Pikachu mechanical pencil MIP 5$
Long yellow Pikachu pencil 5$
Sinnoh legends charms 6$

Pics show front and back of the card set. There's only 1 Gameboy link cable
Card set 20$ (let me know if this price is inaccurate, i know little about tcg sets
Gameboy link cable 25$

Jirachi keychain 8$
Sinnoh water pkmn papercraft sticker things 5$
Mew and Pikachu armband set 5$
Mystery of Mew rubber figure and pin set 10$
Regirock and mew figures in package 4$ each
Rayquaza and Blaziken card holder 5$
Rayquaza rubber thing and pin set 10$

Sinnoh water pkmn handtowel x2 4$ each
Red or Blue (mystery dungeon?) hankies 8$ each

Stamp set 10$
Pika and Lucario stylus set x1 4$ each
Skitty or Chikorita stamp 4$ each
Totodile or Chikorita pin 4$ each
Pika pokepark keychain 5$
Skitty stylus x1 4$
Spinda bobblehead 8$
Skitty Plusle Minun deck holder 5$
Mew keychain 4$
Pika bros pin set 10$
Plush Torchic coin purse 8$

Darkrai figure strap 6$
Pkmn ranger ds game case 8$
Pencil bags 4$ each
Cyndaquil stamp or mew armband x2 4$ each

Lucario pen 5$
Lucario DS game case 8$
Suicune + Rayquaza foam stamps 8$ each
Sinnoh armband and hanky set 6$
Darkrai strap or weavile/lucario/mew keychain 5$ each
Registeel/Regirock/Regice figure 4$ each or 8$ for trio (also have regice in photo below) (they come with stands not pictured)
Entei tomy 12$ (unsure on pricing)
Dialga pin 2$

Palkia strap 5$
Pikachu, Plusle, Minun keychains 5$ each (ears wiggle when you press up on the bottom of the keychain)
Sleeping Pika phone strap x2 4$ each
Happy Munchlax 5$

Christmas pin set 25$
Bento box (has something in it dunno what but would take it out to ship if desired) x2 10$ each

Darkrai on lanyard 5$
Pokemon contest mechanical pencils: Pikachu, Piplup 8$ each
Pkmn Mystery Dungeon Blue lanyard 10$ Red 8$
Lugia foam stamp 8$
Manaphy egg (looks like it has a stamp in it) 2$

Torchic/Cyndaquil dice bag x1 (both sides shown) 5$
Mew (old) DS cover 5$
Mew stylus 5$
Advanced gen box 5$ (w/ colouring set inside i believe, can remove to ship)

Manaphy 10$ (arms wiggle when you pull the bottom dangler)
Attack Riolu kid in box 8$
Pokepark gold coin mip 20$
Pokemon ranger and blue mystery dungeon keychains 5$ each
Prinplup kid in box 5$
Pika and Mew stylus set 4$ (probably have extras)
Darkrai figure 5$
Bellossom stamp 4$
Dialga strap 5$

4$ each for anything in the top row, I have multiples of most
Rayquaza binder 10$
Groudon Jirachi straps 4$ each
Squishy Jirachi thing from Trozei 8$
Foam Kyogre stamp 8$
Hoenn legends wallet 2$ each (I have 2 or 3 of them)

Darkrai figure strap 6$
Big Dialga and Palkia Button 4$
Buildable Kyogre 5$
Mew/Celebi pokepark straps 5$
Kyogre keychain 4$
Entei pin 6$
Jirachi keychain 4$

Sleeping pikachu November monthly plush (2005) Tag is a bit curled on its left ear, can easily be fixed by pressing. 40$ obo

Wants List

This is sort of organized by main collections and pokemon/evo chain!
Asterisks (*) indicate level of priority.
I'll trade pretty much anything from my sales or non-main collections for high priority items

Numel/Camerupt (main)

Camerupt Coin *

Unsure of what type of sticker this is

Holo numel amada

Numel AG Stamper ***

Camerupt AG Stamper ***

Cute Numel Page

Numel vs Barboach card

Clear Camerupt kid *** thought i had one but can't find it

Also looking for all flats and official stickers, if you have anything Numel/Camerupt please hit me up, I'm happy to trade/buy!!

Groudon (main)

Charabottlin **

Groudon pokeball pillow

New pin set

card case

Coin (mip preferably)

Legendary cries charm

Groudon SP in any condition with or without box

Team Magma

Magma vs Aqua poster

Magma socks or belt buckle (already own socks)

Magma glass *already own one but wouldn't mind having more*

Magma coin - this one or any other

Magma armband and hanky set** GRAIL

Other Pokemon:


Dunsparce swing keychain (or any other Dunsparce keychain honestly)




pencil topper

Heartland plush **GRAIL

suction cup figure

shiny kid

Pokeball pillow (any condition ok)


Goomy mug

Goomy blanket


quagsire kuttari (preferably awake)

elekid pokedoll